Head Chief of PCP Science Department - ANYA ARTESANIA
As many of you wondering who are that mysterious persons behind the POLYMER CLAY PLANET, Head Chief of PCP Science Department decided to reveal the secret. :-)
My name is ANDRIJANA ANYA KATAVIĆ, but I’m better known under my artistic pseudonym ANYA ARTESANIA. I’m Polymer Clay Artist and Educator from Belgrade (Serbia).
For years I create decorative objects and jewelry from a variety of materials, but mostly use Polymer Clay. I’m participant in numerous art colonies in the country and abroad, and several international group exhibitions.
Since April 15th 2013, I’m Creator and Curator of POLYMER CLAY PLANET (or as I jokingly call myself - Head Chief of PCP Science Department).  
During recovery from severe burns I had a lot of time to research and then I discovered great Polymer Clay Artists for which I've never heard before.  
Then I got the idea to start a FaceBook Page and Blog where I’ll represent Polymer Clay Artists (their life and artistic stories, and their works of art) from all over The Artistic Universe, no matter whether they are hobbyists or professionals. The main criterion is originality in the manufacture of a piece and that is (in whole or in part) made from Polymer Clay.
Initially I wanted to remain anonymous on PCP (because I wanted people to enjoy the beautiful artwork made of Polymer Clay from Artist all over The Universe, not to promote myself), but in the end I didn't managed to hide my identity (since people do not stop asking questions (and give answers), which I totally understand, cause in the same situation I'll be curious too). So, now everybody know who's that PCP girl. :-)
Now you're probably wondering who are people in the PCP Team. They are all my friends who help me to explore The Artistic Universe and discover new beauty made of Polymer Clay. Many thank to them on generous help and support. Also, thank you all for support PCP Page and Blog with your comments, likes and shares.

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