Necklace by 11 BOLD STREET

11 BOLD STREET is brand name of SUSAN O’NEILL, who been designing in one form or another for most of her life – from the first Barbie and pink-haired troll doll, outfits to her own clothes, accessories and jewelry followed by hand-thrown pottery, drawing, painting and original silk-screened posters for high school plays. After college art came a developing interest in the larger spaces around her. This lead her to 28 years in structural and architectural design. Upon her discovery of polymer clay in the early 90’s, she did some brief experimenting in the medium, but didn’t begin to explore its potential in-depth until a little over 4 years ago

2 коментара:

11BOLDstreet said...

Thank you for showing my faux ivory/bone neckware - LOVE the unique presentation of this site!

Polymer Clay Planet said...

Susan, we showed your beautiful necklace with great pleasure and joy. We are very happy that you like our site. Thank you!

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